Escape games are an excellent group activity that can be enjoyed either with friends, family or as a company activity. Players are trapped inside our carefully crafted game rooms , complete with realistic environments and backstory. In order to escape, players need to use the clues available to solve a series of puzzles and ultimately escape from the room. These games are a great test of problem solving, resourcefulness and teamwork.


LOST in JB was founded by a group of fun-loving individuals who are passionate about escape rooms, gaming and adventure. We believe that escape rooms can be so much more than solving generic puzzles and unlocking chests.

Here at LOST, we aim to deliver a truly immersive experience from the moment you step in. With engaging storytelling, real authentic surroundings, and jaw-dropping special effects, you’ll forget you are in a game. We’ve also incorporated many innovative gameplay ideas that will leave both newcomers and experienced escape room enthusiasts pleasantly surprised. These are the things that sets us apart.

Our escape rooms are perfect for friend gatherings, work functions and team building events. No matter the occasion, you’ll be in for a good time full of adventure, mystery and fun.


THE HAUNTED HOUSE is one of the brainchilds of LOST in JB. What is unique about this branch in particular? In one word – HORROR!

The path to escape has never been so terrifying! We’ve included all sorts of horror and shocking elements into our escape rooms to make for a more exciting and exhilarating experience. What kind of horror elements? That’s for you to find out.

Each game comes with a different “FEAR FACTOR” so that players can choose a game that suits their tolerance level the most. Experience it for yourself, go on a thrilling escape adventure like no other.


Step 1. Form a Team – Our games are designed for 2-8 Players. You will need to work together to overcome the challenges ahead of you.

Step 2. Choose a Game - Choose a game based on the difficulty level or fear factor, or simply pick whatever attracts you the most!

Step 3. Begin Your Journey - As the game starts, our game masters will share the backstory and give you your mission. Listen up as the story is crucial to your journey.

Step 4. Your Time Starts Now - Exciting and fun challenges await you. You have 60 minutes to escape!

Step 5. Be Ready for Anything - At LOST, you can be certain there will be plenty of shocks and surprises awaiting you.