Johor Bahru is a city with a long history, including conflicts in both world wars. One of the 10 most haunted locations in Johor Bahru is KAMPONG NABILLA, the source of many urban legends. Legend has it that a husband and wife pair of Witch Doctors (i.e. “DUKUN”) lived in the village, and during a ritual one day, the malicious wife TARA lost control and killed the followers who came to pray. Ever since that day, the village has been haunted by wraiths and evil spirits. KAMPONG NABILLA became one of Malaysia’s most haunted places.

Recently, many Youtubers have begun filming “Haunted House Adventures” as content. “The Ghostubers” are the most famous Youtubers in this genre. They have chosen KAMPONG NABILLA as their next filming destination. As they venture into the village, someone accidentally destroyed the village’s seal...
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